About our travels

We are an Australian family of four, Scott (Dad), Skye (Mum), Ari (Son), Tess (Daughter).

We love travelling, especially overseas.

I travelled a lot with my family as a child and teenager, and was fortunate to have traded 2 years of primary school for overseas travel, my sister and I did schooling by correspondence.

Skye and I got our first taste for overseas travel together on our honeymoon in 1999/2000 with 6 weeks in UK, France and Italy, including the Millennium NYE in Paris.

After 5 years of marriage we took our first extended travel together with 9 months through 2005/2006 travelling to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Buenos Aires, Uruguay (I love Uruguay), Spain, France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Italy (we love Italy, we spent 3 months travelling from top to bottom including Sardinia and Sicily), and three weeks through Japan on the way home.

Our son, Ari, was born two years after our return, in 2008. We took him on his first overseas trip at 10 months old, when we took 2 months to travel via Japan to the UK and drive my parents motorhome from Hull, England to Amsterdam by ferry, then through Belgium, France and Switzerland into Italy. We came home via Singapore.

Just before Ari turned 2 we took him on another short overseas trip to Japan for 2 weeks, we hired a car and did a nice circuit from Tokyo to Lake Ashi, to Kyoto, up to the Izu Peninsular and back to Tokyo.

Unfortunately I did not start this blog until after the trips above. I have seen other travel blogs with ‘flashbacks’ providing catch-ups of pre-blog trips and one day I hope to fill in some blanks in this blog in a similar way.

Our daughter Tess was born in 2011. So then, as a family of 4, (with the kids at 1 and 3 years old) we took time away from everyday life for a 6 month round the world trip in 2012. That trip created life long memories for us, and we created this blog to save some of those memories for the kids. In 6 months we travelled through Hawaii, LA, New York, Montreal, Quebec, England, Belgium, France, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Austria, Germany, Dubai and Hong Kong.

Now, about three years since our return, our next adventure is about to begin with a quest to find Santa at the North Pole for Christmas 2015.

2 Responses to About our travels

  1. We remember the UK portions of your previous jaunts with great fondness (as well as a couple of of sketchy drunken moments). Looking forward to seeing you guys soon and of course little Tess for the first time. Enjoy everything that greets you, be safe and we’ll see you along the way!

  2. sandy says:

    I am thinking of you all so so so so so so much!!!!!!!!! I miss you all. May St Christopher watch over you and bring you many joys during your travels. Sandy xxx

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