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Volcano Solfatara – Camping in a steaming, bubbling crater

After admiring the mighty Volcano of Mt Vesuvius from our Sorrento campsite for 6 nights and then seeing its destructive power first hand in the ruins of Pompeii, who wouldn’t want to take the opportunity to sleep inside the crater … Continue reading

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Sorrento and Pompeii

We didn’t have a huge amount of discussion about where exactly to head first with the new Motorhome, we had of course thrown about some ideas of places we’d like to visit and then the night before we collected the … Continue reading

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Navigating a Motorhome around Italy

It didn’t make sense for us all to pack up our stuff and cart the kids and our suitcases along 38km of bus, then Metro, then taxi to collect the motorhome from the opposite side of Rome from where we … Continue reading

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Have wheels, will travel

We picked up a Motorhome in Rome on Friday 15 June and have it for four weeks. Our intention is to spend the whole month exploring Italy rather than trying to cover too much ground crossing boarders, there is so … Continue reading

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Arriving in Italy always brings a smile to my face, it just feels familiar and friendly and easy. The Italians love kids, and I love the coffee, the beer, the wine, the food, the history, the beaches, the gardens, the … Continue reading

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