The long trip home

Our return trip home was quite an adventure!

We left Kyoto around 11am in light rain as there was a Typhoon approaching Tokyo.

We arrived in Osaka by train within about an hour and a half.

Our flight to Narita was delayed about an hour but we still had enough time to collect our baggage, check-in and clear customs in Narita for our next flight and to grab some dinner.

Our flight from Narita was due to leave at 9pm and we finally boarded at 10pm.

After about 30 minutes the pilot announced there was a problem with the air conditioning and it was being attended to.

Another 30 minutes later we were told the air conditioning was fixed but as they went to fire up the engines they came across a technical problem.

Around an hour later, about midnight, we were told the technical problem was fixed but that we had passed curfew for leaving Narita and the Typhoon was approaching and we would not be allowed to leave.

So after 2 hours on the tarmac we were asked to disembark, collect our bags, go back through customs and attend the Jetstar check-in counter (with 300 other people) to make hotel and flight arrangements.

After all this, by the time we got to the check-in counter we were told that they couldn’t/wouldn’t arrange accommodation or transport, were given a list of about 15 hotels and told to make our own arrangements – by now it’s almost 1am.

Another family before us had tried the first 10 hotels which were all full, but got lucky on the 11th so we called that one first and got a room.

The hotel was about 15 minutes drive away but by now there was no transport other than taxi, which is outside at Terminal 3, and the wind and rain had become ferocious.

We queued only semi under cover in that typhoon wind and rain for over an hour to get in a taxi, by now Tess was asleep in my arms, with no seats anywhere, and Ari was very happily chatting to another Year 3 boy he met – the same family that told us about the hotel.

We got to the hotel at 2:30am and we got a text confirming to be back at the check-in at 9am for a new flight.

That new flight was also delayed.

We arrived at the Gold Coast past midnight and then had an hour and half drive home, and got in bed about 2am.

So it took us about 40 hours to get from Kyoto to Home!

Quite an adventure!

Very poorly handled by Jetstar!

Very well handled by the kids.

Nonetheless we have thoroughly enjoyed this trip to Japan and it’s sad that it’s over.

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2 Responses to The long trip home

  1. Alinda says:

    Looks like a fantastic trip, lovely photos, you all look as though you have enjoyed every minute of it despite the long delayed trip home. You certainly saw and did a lot of things. ❤❤❤❤ xxxx

  2. Hannah says:

    Oh wow! Just Wow! Another great trip for you guys. Hopefully you get chance to get some rest after that trip home! Hannah, Jeremy, Sebastian and Annabel x

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