Malaysia – Johor Bahru – Legoland

Before going to Singapore we spent three nights in neighbouring Malaysia at the Legoland resort.

We were not entirely sure whether this would be a hit, something so gimmicky could easily not be, but the Tripadviser reviews were right, this place is awesome and we certainly enjoyed every minute of it.

The whole hotel is obviously entirely Lego-themed, and so are the adjoining fun park and separate waterpark.

There’s lots to describe so I will use lots of photos.

The hotel itself looks like a Lego house as you approach, in the foyer it has Lego galore for the kids to play with and the restaurants (there are three) have fantastic Lego sculptures everywhere. Every night in the restaurants there is a princess and a pirate making balloons for the kids and there is constant Lego movie music playing (the music stressed me out at breakfast). The lifts entertain you with disco music and lights, the kids couldn’t not dance every time we got in. I didn’t actually think to get a photo of the front of the hotel, the first one below is just at the back of the hotel where you enter from the themeparks. The staff at the hotel, and we are guessing Malaysian people in general, loved kids, they did everything they could to make them smile, the kids are clearly the customers here.











The rooms come in a choice of three themes being pirate, kingdom or adventure (Egyptian Mummies etc.) and two whole floors are dedicated to each theme so that you are in the theme from the moment you step out of the lift, and then each theme has a choice of standard or premium rooms. We went for premium pirate and thought it was pretty awesome. It overlooked the themepark. It had separate parents’ and kids’ bedrooms and the Lego theme extends to everything, even the soap! The kids get a treasure map where they have to count items around the room to get the combination to unlock a treasure chest which has Lego figures to keep. 




The themepark and waterpark were also really awesome, we got an unlimited two day pass to both which worked really well, we started the days in the themepark until it got too hot after lunch, then moved to the waterpark to cool down. The rides and slides were all pretty cool, there were only a couple in each park that Tess was not tall enough for, we didn’t realise before this trip that she is quite the daredevil, there has been no ride she won’t try and none that she didn’t love.

These parks were spotlessly clean and so empty and calm, we never had more than say 10 people infront of us in any queue and after didn’t even have to get off the ride if we wanted a second go! Her favourite here was the dragon coaster, the big one in the second picture, and she was upset she was not allowed on the flume.
In addition to the rides there were sideshows, a live show, a 4d cinema, lots of places to eat and Lego replicas of famous Asian landmarks. So much more than I have put in photos.







Legoland Malaysia far exceeded our expectations.


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1 Response to Malaysia – Johor Bahru – Legoland

  1. Alinda says:

    Oh wow what an awesome place, bet the kids big and small loved it ha ha 😲 😊

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