London – England

After leaving Portugal we had a few nights in London before we were to start the return journey home via Malaysia and Singapore.

Tess and Skye had recovered from their tummy bug by the time we arrived but Ari was still at the tail-end of his so we laid low the first day and only managed to get out to the Natural History Museum for a couple of hours, just 5 minutes walk from our hotel. While laying low we watched a couple of episodes of Antique Roadshow. In one of the episodes they visited a place in London called Alfie’s Antique Market which looked pretty intriguing and so that is where we decided to start our next day, by which time Ari had fully recovered. We met the same lady who had featured on the episode, she was a real character and had a lot of time for the kids.

There is not much to show here by way of photographs because most of the market had ‘no photography allowed’.




On the way back from the antique market we went via Kensington Gardens and the Diana Memorial Playground. 

We have written about these before on this blog, spot the difference below, 2012 v 2016!



Here are some more pictures from the day.


The following day we took another trip out, this time to the London Water and Steam Museum. It’s much more exciting than it sounds, honest. This place was cool, it had huge working steam pumps and loads of interactive exhibits on the history of the water and sewerage systems in London. The kids loved it.

After the museum we walked to Kew Gardens but unfortunately arrived on closing time, we still enjoyed the walk though and got to catch a double decker bus back to the station after having a walk around a little churchyard near the gardens.



On our last day in London we had to leave the hotel before 4pm to catch our plane, we had a 12 hour flight ahead followed by more than an hour drive to Legoland Malaysia, so we wanted to keep things pretty low key, the hotel let us extend our checkout til 4pm so we were able to get out to the science museum (also 5 minutes walk from the hotel) and have a second short visit at the Natural History museum and get back to the hotel by 3pm to shower and pack ready for the trip ahead.






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