Portugal – We’ll have to come back.

So, with Tess confined mostly to bed or in someone’s arms in front of the fire, and with Ari and Skye starting to fade too, we did not get out and about the next couple of days, but we did really enjoy being at Rute’s and Filipe’s home and their amazing hospitality. 

I got to see Filipe’s parents’ house where he grew up and we had a lovely dinner with them and Filipe’s brothers, sister-in-law and nieces.

We also got to try some great local foods and of course Rute’s amazing cooking.

The kids enjoyed catching up, the boys wanted to play video games and sword fighting (Rute and Filipe bought the kids some great costumes at the Palace), and in truth we didn’t mind the down time at all as we all just got to hang out together.

Here’s some more pictures.




We really enjoyed our time in Portugal and a huge thanks to Rute, Filipe, Leo and Luana for making such a big effort to look after us. We’d love to come back sometime, maybe in summer.

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3 Responses to Portugal – We’ll have to come back.

  1. Kath says:

    So sorry to hear sickness has struck. Hope you are all feeling completely well again soon. We loved the postcard -arrived today and the kids are so thrilled! Take care xx
    Ps Portugal sounds fantastic!

  2. Rute says:

    That is very kind.
    Glad everyone is going now.
    Can’t wait to see pic from legoland

  3. Rania says:

    What a beautiful catch up!

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