Lisboa (Lisbon) – Portugal

Since we left home on 14 December, whenever we got on a bus, train, plane or taxi, Tess’s first question was usually “Are we going to Luana’s now?”, she has been so busting to see her friend in Portugal that it was a big relief for all of us to finally be able to say “Yes!” as we boarded the plane to Lisbon.

It was an amazing opportunity we couldn’t pass up to meet our good friends and their families in their own country and they really went to great lengths to look after us, including driving 300km from Porto to meet us.

We landed in Lisbon about 6:40pm on 02/01/2016 and were greeted at the airport by four very happy faces, we collected a hire car and since it was already dark, our hotel was right in the old centre of town and there was a big Lisbon v Porto football match on, Rute and Filipe thoughtfully offered to drive us in the two cars rather than me jumping straight in the deep end. This was a good thing because as it turned out there was also a music concert near our hotel and the Police had closed some roads, so it was tricky to find.

Filipe had booked two really cool apartments with a bar and restaurant attached, so we went to dinner, checked out the view from the roof terrace and I think we all headed to our rooms around 12:30am with the kids still on their highs.

We had a bit of a late start the next morning and Filipe and Rute had lined up some amazing things to show us, which each deserve their own post, so for now here are some pictures of our short time in Lisbon.

So happy to be together:

Dinner with friends:



Our cool apartment:


The views from the building:


Some Lisbon sights:


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  1. Nathan Brett says:

    Love the apartment!!

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