Happy New Year!

We are spending the New Year in Copenhagen.

It’s a beautiful city. 

Last night there were non-stop fireworks from around 5pm til after 1am, people were setting them off left, right and centre. We didn’t go out for the midnight celebrations with the kids, but we could see the fireworks from our room and Ari and I had a sauna at around 8pm which had windows overlooking the lake and city so we could watch the fireworks from the heat of the sauna.


We had expected the city to be covered in snow but apparently they have only had one snowfall this winter a couple of weeks ago, so none to be seen now. It’s not as exciting for the kids here after days of snow filled fun in Finland.
It is between +3C and +4C, so much higher than Finland, but there is a constant strong biting cold wind that makes it feel much colder than Finland and we are really feeling it, especially the kids, we have been dressing them in their ski pants because they are wind proof and rugging them up a lot, but Tess has started coughing quite badly here and her cough had not bothered her at all in the colder snow.

Yesterday, New Years Eve, we spent the day exploring some of the sights around the city and so here are some of our pics.




Buying ‘Glogg’, mulled red wine, to warm us through.


Kastellet Copenhagen.



St Albans Church


The Little Mermaid


The Marble Church


Amalienborg Palace



Other things




Happy New Year

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  1. Nathan Brett says:

    Happy New Years guys!!

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