Husky Safari

On our last day in the Santa Claus Village (Boxing Day), we went on a Husky Sled Ride at the Husky Park.

The weather was perfect, it had dropped back down to about -8C after hitting +2C on Christmas Day, and it was snowing quite heavily.

The Husky Park keeps the Siberian Husky’s apart in separate pens when they are not working, and some were raising puppies in their little boxes. 

We all got in one sled, pulled by 14 Husky’s, with the driver up the back behind us.

The lead dogs up front are usually girls, because apparently they are smarter and better behaved, and the dogs at the back are usually boys, because they are apparently stronger and can pull the sled straight if it strays. The dogs in the middle are generally the most average of the pack. The commands the driver yells are mostly simply ‘left’ and ‘right’.

We went through a forest area and a more open area and they got up a fair bit of speed, with the sled getting a bit sideways on the bends.

Apparently they feed the dogs each 1.5L of hot vegetable soup in the morning to get water into them, they can’t give them water because it freezes, if the dogs are thirsty while working they take bites of snow as they are running. They each get 1kg of raw meat in the evening.

The dog sledding was really awesome fun and the dogs actually love it, the ones not working are clearly itching to get out running.







After the ride we did some much needed thawing out in the reindeer skin teepee, with hot soup (the same as they feed the dogs!) and warm berry juice around the fire.

On the walk back to the cabin we stopped for hot-dogs, sausage sizzle Lapland style, I had a reindeer one (I have had reindeer in many meals here!)



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