Ice Slides and fun in the Ice at Snowman World

On Christmas Eve we spent most of the day at Snowman World.

This place is great fun, it has a large snow igloo with an ice bar, ice restaurant, small ice slide and a number of snow and ice sculptures, and it has a small snow hotel that you can sleep in.





The best part is outside though, there is a small ice skating rink, a snowmobile track and there are three ice slides that you slide down on inflatable tubes. The first is a small track but still fast, the second is a really long track which is super fast and the third has a ramp at the end which launches you into an inflatable crash mat!

We loved the slides as much as the kids and because it was only one person per tube on the big slide Tess was very brave and went on it by herself, she loved it and went back for more many times.

The starter slide:

The big slide:

The jump slide:

Ice skating:

Snow mobiles:


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4 Responses to Ice Slides and fun in the Ice at Snowman World

  1. Nathan Brett says:

    These are really cool!!!

    Best wishes

    Nathan Brett Director Real Estate Dynamics 0419 762562

    Sent from Nathan’s iPhone

  2. Hannah says:

    Too amazing guys!! that is definitely going on our ‘to visit’ list.

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