We have arrived at The North Pole!

We flew into Helsinki on Monday 21/12 and stayed the night in town.

On Tuesday 22/12 we flew into Rovaniemi at about 2:00pm, with snow everywhere.


We were at the Santa Village by 2:30pm and our cabin was ready. Temperature was not too cold at -3C, although it’s now currently -14C. Our snow clothes seem perfect for the job, none of us have complained of being cold yet.

This place is amazing!

Before we came we were wondering how we would fill five days, but there is so much to do here were are now planning our days so we don’t miss anything.

The kids are jumping out of their skin with excitement.

The Arctic Circle runs through the village.

The village has lots of activities like snow mobiles, reindeer sleigh rides and husky sledding and there is a snowman park with ice slides and an ice bar.

The kids have already ridden the mini snow mobiles on the test circuit to get their ‘licenses’.


The kids are up at 5:00am this morning, not too bad considering we moved 7 time zones, our cabin has its own sauna and so we are about to start the day in 75C heat before heading out into the -16C cold!



I only had my phone on me for photo’s yesterday and it was already dark at 3pm so the photo’s are not good, we’ll need to take out the DSLR camera today for some better pics.

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3 Responses to We have arrived at The North Pole!

  1. Sartenada says:

    Very nice post. It seemed that You did have too cold. Merry Christmas.

  2. kim ersser says:

    Looks fantastic hope you get to meet santa and have a great xmas enjoy !!!!!

    From kim and nyna

  3. mrs_suvi says:

    Looks like you guys are having fun! My family has liked to spend Christmas is Lapland as you can be almost sure to have snow. Here in Southern Finland there’s none this year. Anyway, enjoy your stay and Merry Christmas!

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