Ueno Park

After visiting the Metropolitan Building for views of Mt Fuji we caught the train to Ueno Park.

On the way we did hop off at a place called Yanaka, which is known as ‘Old Tokyo’, we walked around for a while and we are not sure we actually found the right place as what we found did not match what we read, we did come across a nice cemetery and the Main Street with food vendors and craft shops but did not find many old buildings other than temples.

We hopped back on the train for Ueno Park.
The park was very different to when we previously visited with Ari during the Cherry Blossom season in 2010 but the kids still enjoyed it.

There are many temples and shrines through the park and also a very little old amusement park.


After the Amusement Park and a long walk around, Ari and I headed off to find the Swan Paddleboat’s while Tess and Skye went looking for a playground. We both found what we were looking for, but unfortunately the Swan boats closed about 10 minutes before we got there.



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