Meiji Shrine

Also on our first day, on the other side of Yoyogi Park, we visited the Meiji Shrine.

This huge shrine is dedicated to the spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife Empress Shoken.

There is a long walk through the park to the shrine.

The Tori Gates at the start of the walk are the biggest of this style in the world.



Each year the Sake Brewers from around Japan donate barrels of Sake wine wrapped in straw as an offering to the shrine.


 Before entering the shrine you have to cleanse your hands in the fountains.


The shrine is a large complex of buildings. People come to pray and write messages on timber boards about their hopes and aspirations for the year ahead and hang them on frames under the trees. You can also buy talismans to take away for luck, with each being for something specific like health, travel or studies.


While we were there, the fellow in the photo above moved to the main temple and started beating an enormous deafening drum, this seemed to signify the start of a ceremony. We were not allowed to film any of that or the inside of the temple.

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