Inokashira Park

On Saturday 19/12 we spent the afternoon at Inokashira Park, and enjoying the trip to and from the park.

On the way there we stopped and had a great lunch in the Main Street.

The first stop at the park was the Paddleboat’s, they weren’t shaped like swans but still fun nonetheless.

We then had a good look around the zoo which is inside the park. Actually the Owls weren’t in the zoo, they were being taken for a walk around the park. The zoo had a big Guinea pig petting area! 

After the zoo we walked up to Studio Gibli, the makers of one of Tess’s favourite movies, ‘My Neighbour Totoro’ but unfortunately to go inside you need to book tickets well in advance.

The kids have easily been walking a minimum of 5km a day this trip and doing so well, but they were well and truly ready to jump on a bus back to the station after this day out, rather than walk the 1.2km along the road.


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