Yoyogi Park

On our first full day in Tokyo, Tuesday 15/12, we walked up our street away from Shibuya Centre to Yoyogi Park. It’s a big park full of Cherry Trees, although they currently have no leaves in the middle of winter. We enjoyed walking through the park and seeing the various gardens, statues and fountains and the beautiful red Japanese Maple leaves mixed with the Yellow Ginko Biloba leaves. The Centre of the park is about a 1.5km walk away.



There are vending machines everywhere, mainly for food and drink, I got this hot can of corn soup from a machine in the middle of Yoyogi Park!


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2 Responses to Yoyogi Park

  1. Naomi. says:

    Hi Ari,
    Looks like you are having so much fun. I look forward to hearing about your travels and what interesting facts you have learnt about Japan. Have fun. Stay warm and safe. Mrs. Lengren.

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