We have arrived in Tokyo

The flight from Brisbane to Tokyo was nine hours, being a daytime flight the kids didn’t sleep and so they got to watch lots of movies and they didn’t complain. 

We arrived in Tokyo at 6pm (7pm Brisbane time) and by the time we grabbed some food and caught the Narita Express to Shibuya where our apartment is it was 9:10pm and the kids had fallen asleep on the train, which was fine but we then had to wake them and navigate the walk to the apartment with our suitcases through this:


It’s called the ‘Scramble Crossing’ and we’ll be using it a few times a day as it’s between our apartment and the train station.

We were a little disoriented for a while, we had a printed google map but it had street names in English and the street signs were obviously not in English, we tried a taxi but they are only small and couldn’t fit us all in with our cases. I eventually got my phone maps working, we got our bearings and we found our little apartment at about 10:20pm with the key left in a lock box padlocked to the front fence as promised.

Our apartment is at the top in the front corner.

The kids were pretty shattered when we finally arrived and the centre of Shibuya was pretty overwhelming, but they were excited too and handled it all pretty well.

EditShibuya was much less overwhelming in the day light next morning and we know our way around the local area now. We are in a fantastic position, with the busy city within 100m on one side and huge parks and temples within 500m on the other side. 

In the light of day we noticed these plaques on the gyound which show some street names in English.

We have already had three days of sightseeing and I plan to get some pictures up in the next couple of days.

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12 Responses to We have arrived in Tokyo

  1. Neal says:

    Cool, I can imagine Ari & Tess with wide eyes as they take in the sights. Enjoy!

  2. Brendan says:

    Glad to see you all arrived safely – hope you’re having a great time.

  3. Rania says:

    How exciting!! A long day of travel that I am very familiar with. Shibuya is a great place to stay. We usually stay in Shinjuku, which is worth checking out because of its many techonology shops.

    The fish markets early in the morning are also an interesting visit and the big Temple in Osaka. I can’t remember if you are visiting DisneyLand? My favourite place in the world!

    Can’t wait to hear more!

    Love Miss McKendry 🙂

    • Hi Rania, yes we are enjoying Shibuya a lot, it’s nice when you start getting familiar with what’s around you. We went to Shinjuku on Friday and went to the top of the Metropolitan Building, it was a clear day and we got a good view of Mt Fuji. No, we won’t make it to Disney, we have taken the kids to LA Disney before though 🙂 We’re staying at Legoland Malaysia this trip. Hope you enjoyed your camping.

  4. Rute Barros says:

    It sounds pretty cool.
    We have been enjoying the posts and even the old ones ( how cute the kids look when they were little ) Leo and luana loved it.

    Keep enjoying yourselves and see you soon
    Love from Portugal

  5. Blake and madison says:

    Hi guys
    The photos are incredible!! Can’t wait to see the next destination 🙂
    Blake, mady and Candice

    • Thanks Guys, we have just arrived in Helsinki, it’s 5pm here but midnight Tokyo time, Tess is up because she slept on the plane, Ari has just this second crashed because he didn’t sleep on the plane, he’ll wake up when he smells the room service. We just have one night here before we fly up to Rovaniemi tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed Straddie.

  6. Leia says:

    We’re so enjoying reading your posts! Georgia was particularly amazed by the glass igloo you stayed in and the northern lights. The arctic ice hotel is definitely on our bucket list!
    We hope you guys keep having a wonderful time. Please say a big hello to Rute, Leo and Luana when you get to Portugal.
    Looking forward to seeing you back at school. Georgia’s very excited to introduce you (and everyone else) to her new sister Isla.
    Leia, Georgia, Ewan and Isla

    • Thanks Leia, we are so happy to hear of the arrival of little Isla and can’t wait for Georgia to introduce us. We had just met up with Rute and family when we received your message and so passed it on, it has been really nice seeing them and meeting their families. We are leaving Portugal today for London.

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