London (Take II)

London was our final point of call before starting the journey home via a few days in each of Dubai and Hong Kong. We managed to find good accommodation for five nights in a great location at Notting Hill, despite being in the second week of the Paralympics. We’d already covered a fair bit of ground in London but still thoroughly enjoyed our time there.

A lot of our time was spent in Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens and in particular the Princess Diana Memorial Playground which we wrote about last time and which this time we spent the first day in while waiting for our check-in and the last day in between check-out and leaving for our flights. This whole area between the two parks is so fantastic it’s easy to lose a few hours at a time, whether it’s in the playgrounds, watching the kids soccer matches, admiring the horse riding, feeding the geese and swans, rowing on the lake or just having a good run around.

One feature that we have bypassed before but spent quite a bit of time at this visit was the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, it’s a huge, shallow, looping waterway of different textured stone designed for kids to play in and around. The water was ice cold but the sun was out and hot and the kids absolutely loved it. We literally had to drag them away after hours of play, after which we had lunch at the Lido Cafe in the old bathing pavilion.




Tess is fascinated by animals at the moment, she absolutely loves them, although only from a distance, she gets timid up close. So it seemed like a good opportunity to visit London Zoo. We’ve not been there before and it gave us the chance to get off the Tube at the opposite end of Regents Park and walk through these extensive and fantastic gardens to the Zoo. It’s a bit of a trek but conveniently there is a great little ice cream shop and a cool little place that sold homemade organic sausages with caramelised onions in buns along the way. The Zoo is huge, quite diverse and well kept. The kids really enjoyed it. I won’t put dozens of photo’s of animals, but I think the favourites between the kids were the different monkeys and gorillas. I liked the Penguins.





Of all the science centres we have sussed out along the way, we had previously overlooked the London Science Museum. I am glad we came by it this time around. We watched a bubble display which the kids loved, Ari’s favourite part was when the lady filled bubbles with thick heavy carbon dioxide gas.



On one of our days we took a stroll around Covent Garden and enjoyed some great ice cream, a live string band and an acrobatic performance. The kids were most impressed by the taps in the ice cream shop which flowed with melted chocolate!


A new park that we spent some time at was Corams Fields. It is a non council park that runs off donations. It has some good playgrounds separated into different age groups and a flying fox, as well as a little petting zoo.

We did take some time out to go to the first movie we have seen in at least 5 months, at the Odeon Cinema where we watched Brave.

The kids love of all things frozen yogurt was more than satisfied in London, with not one but two self serve frozen yogurt shops within a short walk of our hotel. Ari was offered a job at one of them, it being a new store the owner was keen to show us how it all worked, but Ari switched the demonstration back on the owner in no time and was offered immediate employment.

Again we have had a fantastic time in London. It’s just sad that this the end of our Europe/UK holiday.


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2 Responses to London (Take II)

  1. kim ersser says:

    Hi guys looks like a great trip nyna was surprised by dubi ok enjoy yourself.

    Kim and nyna

    • Thanks Kim, yes Dubai was pretty amazing, those snow ski runs were inside the shopping centre and it was over 40C outside! That was on our previous trip in 2012, this time we’ll come back through Singapore.

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