Ciao Italia

Our time in Italy has very sadly come to an end.

After returning the motorhome we booked a couple more nights in Rome for one last explore of the city, and another visit to Explora Children’s Museum for the kids.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here, we visited many new places we had not been before and yet again Italy has confirmed its place for us as our favourite holiday destination, and so again we have vowed to return.

From here it is aboard a short flight (1.5 hours) to Vienna in Austria on the 15th of July, where we have found a private apartment for one week. We have never been to Austria before and are very much looking forward to it, particularly some slightly cooler weather, Vienna averaged 25 degrees this week which sounds perfect.

Not sure where to beyond that at this stage but no doubt more adventure awaits, Europe is a big place!

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2 Responses to Ciao Italia

  1. Courtney says:

    Your list of countries explored is certainly growing! Enjoy Austria! xx Courtney & Dave

  2. celine says:

    What an amazing trip!!! You seem to have the best time ever!! I had sent an email to Scott saying that we were in Vivy in July but it seems that you did not get it. We will have to catch up when you are back in Australia.
    We wish all the best for the rest of the trip and frankly your story is a real inspiration for those who believe that you cannot travel well with kids 🙂
    take care and safe travel
    xx Céline

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