Tess says …


What have been some highlights so far?
* Carousels; age-old canons; public telephones (apparently there are only so many times one can pick up and hang up a receiver); railings of absolutely any kind; playground swings and slides – you should see me slide down a slide all by myself; birds, dogs and squirrels; getting to sit on Mummy’s and Daddy’s laps when travelling in planes, trains, taxis and buses (I’m thinking seatbelts are overrated); wind, the colder and stronger it is, the better.






What is the first thing you do when you arrive in a new hotel room?
* Head straight for the telephones and any bins, though once ‘diverted’ I’ll pull on my necklaces to let Mummy know I’m up for a splish, splash in the bath.

Do you have any quirky travel habits? Care to share?
* At the end of a flight or train/bus journey I like to take the time to wave and/or smile at each and every exiting passenger before making a move. Why rush? What’s another 10 minutes or so?
* From time to time if the mood strikes, I like to draw on my left hand, oh, and sometimes on my forehead.

Where did you take your first independent steps?
* New York (hey, that rhymes with ‘walk’!)






Do you have any fun questions for us? Just send them through as a ‘comment’ or via direct email and we’ll do our best to answer them.


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9 Responses to Tess says …

  1. elinamaree says:

    She is growing up SO fast. Enjoyed this post; keep them coming!

  2. BP says:

    My question: “Dad. What does stabalize mean?!” 😉

  3. BP says:

    She is such a doll. Great post.

    So, being in Europe during EUROVISION must be exciting – you get to vote! Have a great Eurovision weekend. We’ll be thinking of you Sunday night while we dance around the living room as Engelbert Humperdinck takes one for the UK!

    • Over the moon! Unfortunately our apartment does not have a phone for voting, I’ll have to keep running down the four flights of stairs to the phone booth on the corner, it’ll be worth it to make our votes count.

  4. Neal says:

    Tess has really enjoyed her adventures by the looks of it and has taken to blogging like a duck to water. Have to advise though that eurovision is not cool……no really!

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