The time has come, and gone….

After so much rush, anticipation and excitement in the final lead up to the big date, the time for us to depart on our voyage seemed to come and pass in the blink of an eye!

So much only just came together at the last minute, mainly because that is when we were finally able to devote our time to making things happen.

I mentioned previously that we work best under pressure, and that was certainly the case in our final week.

In any event, things did of course come together, we found tenants for our house in the final week and I sold my car on Good Friday, just two days before we left, and with some late nights and last minute rushing all was well for us to get on the plane.

What a relief it was to finally step on that first plane and to be able to only look forward to the adventures ahead.

First stop, Hawaii….



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7 Responses to The time has come, and gone….

  1. Marie White says:

    So appropriate to see Ari checking out the emergency procedures!

  2. Brett Mills says:

    Awesome guys. Have heaps of fun and keep us all posted.

  3. Nathan Brett says:

    FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Is the cabin crew member in fist pic showing you HOW the aircraft takes off??

  4. elinamaree says:

    So HOW did the flight go?!

    • The flights went amazingly well. The first trip comprised three flights, Brisbane to Sydney, 1.5 hours in Sydney, then 9.45 hour flight to Honolulu (plus a 1 hour delay on the runway) a few hours in Honolulu and then a short half hour trip to Maui. The longest leg was overnight and the kids mostly slept on and off. Tess slept on Skye the whole way so a little limiting for her but we knew that would be the case and Skye managed that well. The kids behaved very well and overall it was not painful.

  5. Neal says:

    The whole world is an adventure for the children and it’s good to see Ari & Tess are enjoying it too! Looking forward to the next instalment…

  6. Kirsty, steven jascinta & tayla says:

    Hey! Great to hear from you must feel good to finally be on your way
    We r in darwin sooo hot with huge rain storms that come out of nowhere
    Tayla doing well had a crash today no injuries only to the bike but fixed now 🙂
    Your blog is a fantastic way to keep in touch
    Wish we could have caught up before you left
    Cant wait for your next post keep the photos coming (thats the part we like the most)
    Love us xxx

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