Two months to go

…………. and we’re no further advanced with the planning!!!

Our excitement has ramped up, but everyday life with work, house and kids has not yet let our motivation and planning keep pace with that excitement.

Starting to get a little stressed about that :@

But, we know things will fall into place once we sit down to some serious planning.

Oh, we shouldn’t say nothing has happened, we have booked the missing flight from LA to New York; we got the new WordPress Blog App (which we are trying now) and we did download an App today to blaze an ‘X Days to Go’ message on the phone to try and kick-start our ‘we work better under pressure’ mantra!


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1 Response to Two months to go

  1. Alinda Iveson says:

    Enjoyed the blog making me wish we were on the road again ,should be soon ,enjoy the experiences they are what keeps you going when you eventually have to hit work again at the end and the good bit it starting to plan your next trip the day you get back.


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