It’s booked

The tickets for flights are booked to leave our home in Brisbane on 8th April with key destinations being one month of travel between the Hawaiian Islands, LA, New York, Qeubec, Montreal, Toronto, and then 4 months of unplanned travel through Europe which we will update as we go, before heading home through Dubai and Hong Kong at the end of September.

Tickets are booked for our main flights to the key destinations, but that is the extent of our planning so far! There is plenty now to consider and organise to make the trip a reality.

We hope to keep a record through this blog of what is involved in making extended travel a reality and what adventures we encounter once we set foot on the first plane, to keep our friends and family up to date and hopefully to help anyone who stumbles across this site with similar interests, and most importantly to keep some memories for the kids to look back on.

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2 Responses to It’s booked

  1. Alinda Iveson says:

    Enjoying all of the lovely photos and updates of your journey and looking forward to hearing about your next destination.

  2. Jen says:

    Hi it was great to see all the fantistic places you have been to. It was lovely to see you all in Hedon – enjoy all the remaining adventures & we will certainly be following you (we wish ha ha) LOVE J & K xx

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