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Sorry for the barrage of emails you might get from this blog, I am on crutches for the weekend so using the downtime to update the blog from our Christmas holiday, feel free to block

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Venice, Italy

Venice 😍

Because of the media around the floods that had occurred in Venice a month or two before we arrived, it was completely deserted and super quiet! Was lucky for us to avoid the usual crowds but not good for the business owners.

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Miramare Castle, Italy

We stopped at Miramare Castle, only about 8km out of Trieste. The castle, the gardens and the location on the point overlooking the Adriatic Sea are all amazing! Such nice weather today too, sunny, clear and the warmest we’ve had in 4 weeks!

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Trieste, Italy

It’s so nice being in Italy again, probably our favourite country! We have never been to Trieste before, it has a beautiful town centre and our hotel is amazing!!! Happy to be here for 3 nights.

Tess has really grown this trip!
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Pula, Croatia

It was super quiet when we arrived in Pula Croatia! We practically had the 2000 year old Arena and the Fortress Kastel to ourselves!

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Lake Bled, Slovenia

We arrived in Slovenia, staying in the town of Bled, on the lake. It’s is a beautiful place with a 1015 year old castle on a cliff, a church on Slovenia’s only island which is tiny, an Olympic Rowing Centre, picturesque villages, fantastic coffee and food (the home of Bled Cream Cake) and all surrounded by snow covered alps! We walked the 6km path around the lake and climbed up to the castle and fully tired the kids out! My watch says we walked 14km!

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Graz, Austria

Our first overnight stay on our road trip is Graz, only about 200km out of Vienna. It has an historic old town centre and an 800 year old clock tower on the hill overlooking the city with views as far as Slovenia. The coolest part is you can catch a funicular train up to the top and then come back down in a spiral slide cut inside the hill! It’s the longest indoor slide in Europe. Also Arnold Schwarzenegger is from near here!

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Europe Road Trip

We picked up some wheels on 04 July for a 10 day road trip from Vienna to Venice

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Vienna, Austria

So much to see in Vienna, such a beautiful city!

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Wiener Prater

Happy New Year from the four of us, at the Prater in Vienna! It’s the oldest amusement park in the world!

The Praterturm is the tallest chair swing in the world at 117m! It is so cool!

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